Nalani's Pedigree (image missing)

Cotonwind Joey at TiaCotons
Kya of Savikko

Date of Birth - January 20, 2009

CERF Eye Exam 2010/ Blood Panel / Thyroid, normal / OFA Cardiologist / OFA Patellar Luxation/ vWD-Type 1 - parents are normal /Canine Multi-focal Retinopathy (CMR) - parents are normal, Neonatal Cerebellar Ataxia - parents are normal.

Registered with the American Coton Club (ACC)

Nalani lives a woman who has one of my pet/companion Cotons. She weighs nine pounds. Nalani's future owner loved my Noelani's name so much that she gave Nalani the call name of Noelani. Nalani stays with me when she has her puppies and then she goes back to live with the woman who is now her owner. Nalani is retired from my breeding program after three litters. She was spayed on August 30, 2012. Many thanks to Nalani's Coton mom for taking such good care of her and for helping me preserve Nalani's pedigree lines.