Snickers Pedigree (image missing)

Kevin Cattledrivers Castle
Kya of Savikko

Date of Birth: April 27, 2008

CERF Eye Exam - 2009, 2010/ Blood Panel /Thyroid, normal / OFA Cardiac / OFA Patellar Luxation / vWD-Type 1 - parents are clear, normal/ Canine Multi-focal Retinopathy (CMR) - parents are clear,normal

Registered with the American Coton Club (ACC)

Snickers weighs 12 pounds 2 ounces.

History of Snickers - Snickers lived in Spokane, WA with his original owner but at this time he resides in Idaho. He has been retired from my breeding program and he has been neutered. Snickers owner died in November of 2010 and I was not contacted before or after his death for first right of refusal for Snickers as required in my contract with his original owner. The person Snickers was given to, a veterinarian in Idaho, placed Snickers with his next door neighbor. The veterinarian left Snickers intact. The neighbor of the veterinarian will not sign my contract in place of the first purchaser as required in my contract with the original owner. I agreed to leave Snickers with the people he is living with right now as long as they signed my contract as per my legal binding contractual agreement with Snickers original owner and that they neuter Snickers. It is disappointing to me that people who are religious will not honor my contract with the original owner and sign my contract. There are biblical references in the Bible that reference honoring contracts. Snickers original owner agreed to keep him intact for my breeding program. His original owner did not have breeding rights to Snickers. I paid for all Snickers health testing to change his pedigree to a breedable pedigree. Snickers should never have been placed with someone else without my approval. His original owner breached our contract. The veterinarian knew I was Snickers breeder and his first call as a professional in the field of veterinary medicine should have been to me to see if there were contractual obligations in my contract for Snickers before he ever placed Snickers in a home.

Snickers was the only Coton kept intact from the mating of Kya and Kevin, Kya's third litter, so he was the only one to carry on these pedigree lines. Snicker's sire, Kevin, was born at Cattledrivers Castle in the Netherlands. Michelle's sister, who was in Europe on vacation, flew to Amsterdam and picked up Kevin at the airport from his breeder, Wilma. Michelle's sister flew to Seattle, WA with Kevin in the cabin of the aircraft with her. We are thankful that Wilma agreed to send us Kevin. Kevin's father is Cartoonland's Tzigane and his mother is Azmirs Jewel from Azmirs. Kevin has a wonderful temperament. He was shown to his International championship by our friend, Karen Black. Kevin lived at Karen's home, Cotonwind Cotons, in Ontario, Canada for part of a year. He sired a few litters while he was at Karen's home. Snickers dam, Kya, is the only breedable female Coton from the breeding of Ernie of Savikko and Toky of Raharijaonison. Both Ernie and Toky were born on the Island of Madagascar. Their breeder, Coreen Savikko lived on the Island of Madagascar for a few years. She brought her Cotons to the USA with her when she moved back to the USA. Kya and Kevin have brought much joy to our lives. They are dearly loved by our family.